Interior Design Course Reviews

Zahra Alibasye

Jakarta, Java

I really enjoyed studying with The Interior Design Institute and am so thankful that I found this course while I was about to begin following my passion for Interior Design.

The Interior Design Institute made it possible for me to study online and even get an internationally accredited Diploma in Interior Design. The modules, the tutor, and the time flexibility to study really allow me to set my own pace in finishing the course, even for a Mom like me who needs time flexibility.

The assignments were also quite challenging and encouraged me to explore and search how Interior Design really runs in real life, both in my local country and internationally - I can see and interact with the sharings from other students from many countries in our Facebook group.

It’s been a pleasure to have studied with my amazing tutor and received clear & insightful teachings and guidance through messages and his uplifting feedback. The student support also always has my back with their quick responses whenever I need help.

It's been a pleasure to have this journey with The Interior Design Institute.


Riasty Laksmintari

South Tangerang, Java

First of all, I would like to thank IDI for offering an online interior design tutoring platform for those who want to start their passion in interior design. Joining this course was a very interesting and valuable experience. I found the course so helpful.

The course is designed in a manner that learning is not limited. I gained a lot of knowledge through the course. I learnt a lot, and it gave me a good grounding in the basics.

I would like to thank Marieke Rijksen as my tutor, who provides me with great feedback and encouragement. The feedback on assignments was constructive and to the point, but always positive and motivating.

Last, I wish you all the success and hope that we always keep in contact to share more about interior design.


Kintan Umari

Denpasar, Bali

It was a wonderful experience doing this course. I learnt so much through the subjects given in each of the 12 Modules.

My Tutor was very kind and helpful. He always offered me very useful tips and advice in regards to the Assignments.

I definitely enjoyed every step of the process.

I have started working with a few clients, having learnt the knowledge from this course! It has boosted my confidence to give advice to them and guide them through the Design process.


Anak Agung Lara Sukmadewi

Cirebon, West Java

Learning interior design is such a dream for me. I've wanted to learn it for years! For me, it felt like a lost dream that I was never given a chance to learn, to know more about it. I thought I couldn't learn it, and it would just become something that I was going to regret later. But, I found a way. I found this course, and I can say it gives me hope.

It was such a pleasure for me to experience this, even though I had a lot of worries at the very first time I took this course, "can I do this?", "will I do a good job?"; those questions have been lingering in my head for a while, but I ended up enjoying every single process.

This course helped me a lot to improve my knowledge and boost my confidence. I am so grateful to my tutor Ashley for the opportunities and all of the advice and the review she gave. The Student Support and the community was also a big help for me. The Facebook group is such a wonderful platform that allows you to share many things and connect with many people who are also going through the journey.

Also, since this is an online course, you have the flexibility to work on your own schedule, matching your own rhythm. By completing this course, I cannot wait for what journey will wait ahead of me. There is always a way for you to pursue what you are passionate about, and it's never late for you to learn. The road might not be flowery, but don't lose hope.

Once again, thank you, IDI! I would like to recommend this to anyone with interest in interior design.


Ignatius Albert

Tangerang , Java

After following all 12 Modules and Assignments in the Interior Design Course, I have a clearer understanding of interior design. I now have the confidence to start my own interior design services.

Riana Octaviandra Fadriani

Depok, Java

I had a great time learning Interior Design from this course. It's really informative and effective for me, who knew nothing when I started this course.

The fact that I could learn anywhere, at my own pace, is also a great advantage to me. The tutor and the student support also help me greatly whenever I had questions to ask.

Marlene Sudjana

Permata Hijau, Jakarta

This course exceeded my expectations as the programme, the instructor and the client support teams were absolutely awesome. The first time I inquired about the programme by email, the client support explained all about it in detail.

Then I was introduced to Ashley Vancardo, who I found to be a very gifted interior designer and a great instructor. Ashley gave a thorough review and constructive comments on each of my assignments. Thanks for that!

The programme itself has 12 modules. Each module is given in detail and easy to follow language, especially for individuals like myself where English is not the first language.

A review of each module is given thru assignments, which are very flexible also for an "old-school" individual like myself, who are not equipped with AutoCAD or other interior design software used in the market.

Last but not least, I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to become an interior designer or who already is a designer but needs to level up their knowledge.

Johnny Chen

Medan, Sumatra

To become a professional Interior Designer, I know I need a strong fundamental knowledge.

The Interior Design Institute provides all the knowledge that we needed, complete with exercises to assist us to fully understand what we have learnt step by step through every module. And with the professional Tutor (mine is Wendi Snyder), who will always help and encourage me to go through all the modules.

This is a wonderful experience, and now I have the confidence to start my new journey as an Interior Designer. Again thanks to Interior Design Institute and my Tutor - Wendi Snyder, you are the best.


Sadiya Qureshi


Interior Design has always been a passion of mine. Last year, I had my 'aha' moment and decided to do something about it, and enrolled in the Diploma course offered by the Interior Design Institute.

I found the course information, the website and the module descriptions very informative and felt that this course was the right fit for me. It allowed me to learn on my own time, at my own pace. My tutor was an invaluable help and source of support during my studies. Her feedback on my assignments and quick responses were extremely helpful to me and helped me to understand the lessons.

The program has taught me so much about design, and has given me the confidence to start my own design and decor business, Altona Design. I can now approach clients and jobs with confidence in my abilities.

Thank you to the Interior Design Institute for providing me an opportunity to gain knowledge and a skill set to help me to move forward in my new career path in Design and Decor. I would recommend anyone interested in design as a hobby or a career to take this program.

La Tessa Dwadiandra Ruspandi

Cinere, Java

It's been a fun experience learning with The Interior Design Institute.

It was fun learning the different aspects of design, and the challenge was great as I tried hard to complete each module to the best that I could. Wendi was my tutor and she is the best! I hope this online school can reach everyone who wants to learn about interior design and I will surely help spread the word!


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